From November 20 and until March 22, 2020 Vilamuseu hosts the Valencian Creators for Human Rights exhibition. Seventy years of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights promoted by the University of Valencia and Amnesty International.

The exhibition consists of 30 works by Valencian illustrators, one for each article of the Declaration of Human Rights. The authors are renowned and some have received important awards such as the recent National Comic Award to Cristina Durán and Miguel A. Giner Bou.

Lina Vila, Dani Nebot, Mariscal, Carmen García, Cristina Durán, Dídac Ballester, Luis Demano, Vicent Ramón, Rosa Deltoro, Cachetejack, Diego Mir, Pablo Auladell, Gimeno Gràfic, Pau Sanz i Vila, Clara-Iris Ramos, Ajubel, Yinsen, Nuria Riaza, Lawerta, Belén Segarra, Paco Roca, Malota, Núria Tamarit, Ibán Ramón, Marta Antelo, Cento Yuste, María Herreros, Calpurnio, Juarez Casanova y Sento Llobell offer us a personal and positive view of each of the rights included in the Declaration.

Guided tours: Wednesday 5 pm