The exhibition, which will be at the Vilamuseu until 23 October, is part of a wider project promoted by La Vila Joiosa Town Council that includes other places such as the Espai Bigueta, in the old town, and features artistic interventions by David Trujillo and Ana Soler Baena.
In the words of the curator of the exhibition and the project, Antonio Cervera: "With this ethnographic study we aim to highlight the work carried out by the most important guild in the production of fishing gear since pre-industrial times in La Vila Joiosa: rederas and rederos. Our aim is to weave the memory through the real protagonists of the net industry. Their words will guide us on a journey full of memories, experiences and experiences to highlight the importance of those crafts, which supported not only their families, but a whole town. A well-deserved recognition to neighbours who have a lot to tell... An intangible heritage that we materialise in an anthropological project, with a contemporary view and a high sense of responsibility, with the intention that the oral history of our people does not disappear".
The exhibition is based to a large extent on the research on the redera industry carried out by Dr. Ana Baldó. For this study she conducted interviews with key informants between 2017 and 2018 from which some fragments have been extracted so that the words of the protagonists are present.
The Seu Universitària de la Vila Joiosa has also joined the project through the series of conferences "Weaving Memory", which will take place between 5 and 21 July, and will feature leading researchers and artists related to this ethnographic heritage. 


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