Twelve artists from La Vila show their work in "Artists facing climate change".

Vilamuseu opens a new contemporary art exhibition with works by artists from Villajoyosa. The project began in May, on the occasion of International Museum Day 2023 and under the theme museums, sustainability and wellbeing.  Vilamuseu held a day dedicated to live artistic creation with the intention of raising awareness of the climate crisis through art in any of its manifestations. The call was open to anyone, regardless of experience, age or professional dedication. This action is framed within Vilamuseu's lines of work in terms of sustainability as well as community relations, since the final objective of the activity was to generate a collective exhibition with a discourse created by several artists around the theme of nature and its fragility, which has been open since yesterday, 8 November.

The starting point was the retrospective exhibition "José Piqueras. Colour and Silence" that Vilamuseu hosted until 1 October. In the "Imaginary Landscapes" room, several artists were creating sketches or even creating their final work with this reflection on the relationship between nature and well-being and the delicate balance of our coexistence with the Earth's resources.

The exhibition "Artists facing climate change" is made up of works by twelve artists with different professional careers and styles, including some of those who served as inspiration. The works by Àngela Adrover, Evaristo Alguacil, Vicenta Aragonés, Amparo Aranda, Olivia Boj, Iris Eichler, Carla Espín, Vicenta Llinares, Ginés Lloret, José Piqueras, Marcos Sempere and Mariano Vázquez can be visited on floor -1 of the Vilamuseu until 14 January 2024.