We take to de Regional Hospital the exhibition "Valencian Creators for Human Rights"

The exhibition ‘Valencian founders for human rights. 70 years on from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights’ from Valencian University and Amnesty International, is on show from today in the Marina Baixa Hospital, Villajoyosa. The original exhibition, in Vilamuseu, is comprised of 30 large format images designed and illustrated by artists from the Valencian Community. On this occasion, the exhibition is shown in smaller format provided by Amnesty International and will be on display for the next few weeks in the hall of the District Hospital.

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary celebrations, each of the artists, amongst whom will be found Premios Nacionales (national prize winners) illustrate from an optimistic viewpoint the 30 principles laid down in the document that was a milestone in the history of human rights. “We are all used to seeing these exhibitions in museums and art galleries. The ‘meseumisation’ of the Marina Baixa Hospital hall allows the publicising of this exhibition outside the museum environment; it enlivens a waiting space and invites social debate” stated Carmina Bonmatí, Técnica de Museos y Exposiciones of Vilamuseu.

“It is rewarding to see how different institutions such as Villajoyosa Local Authority, through Vilamuseu, Marina Baixa Hospital, Amnesty International and Valencia University collaborated in the broadcasting of this magnificent exhibition that brings together artistic professionalism and ethical values in equal measure” Verdú added “the broadcasting and defence of Universal Human Rights is so urgently necessary in our society”

“Regrettably, human rights are under constant threat from the regressive policies of those who exercise world leadership. As leaders, we feel an obligation to comply with them and to enact their dissemination for the benefit of their knowledge and this exhibition is a great opportunity for it” said Xente Sebastiá, Councillor of Historic Heritage, Villajoyosa.

“Every day human rights are being violated and the positioning of this exhibition is the very opposite; it attempts to be a loudspeaker that raises public awareness about the importance of defending the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights” declared Amnesty International Marina Baixa.

Amnesty International currently has the support of more than 7 million voices worldwide. Its efforts, alongside Valencia University, drive the critical conscience; it comes together in this exhibition to call for quality and dignity of life.