• 18 Mar

    Vilamuseu is open online

    In these extraordinary times of danger to health and social quarantining, Vilamuseu has prepared a series of media initiatives that go much further than face to face visits. So, the Vilamuseu team have launched a series of initiatives simultaneously in Valenciano, Castellano and English from last Friday 13 March. The…

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  • 27 Feb

    Vilamuseu's Accessibility is on the ONCE (lotery) ticket

    Vilamuseu’s universal accessibility appears as a motif on the ONCE ticket for Monday 2nd March. Five and a half million tickets will be issued ‘advertising’ this Villajoyosa museum space. Estela Medina, Director of ONCE Alicante, Andreu Verdú, Mayor of Villajoyosa, Antonio Espinosa, Museum Director and Xente Sebastiá, Councillor for Historical…

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  • 04 Feb

    We take to de Regional Hospital the exhibition "Valencian Creators for Human Rights"

    The exhibition ‘Valencian founders for human rights. 70 years on from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights’ from Valencian University and Amnesty International, is on show from today in the Marina Baixa Hospital, Villajoyosa. The original exhibition, in Vilamuseu, is comprised of 30 large format images designed and illustrated by…

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