Inauguration of the exhibition "La impressió de la festa" of Les Talaies Occupational Centre

Vilamuseu hosts the exhibition of engravings "La impressió de la festa" of Les Talaies Centre.
The printmaking workshop "Les Talaies Creativa" started at Les Talaies Centre in 2015 with Vicenta Llinares as the teacher. It is made up of a small group of users of the centre who, every Saturday, learn in this activity a way of expressing themselves. Since its beginnings, they have held several exhibitions on different themes such as "Versions" (2017) at Vilamuseu, "La mirada geométrica" (2018) at EAC de la Barbera, "L'almadraba. Labyrinth of glances" (2019) at the Boca del Calvari Museum in Benidorm, "Vivències" at the Allon Mediterránea Hotel, and "The fragmented image" at the EAC de la Barbera.
In 2022 the group began to work on a new project, this time the focus of interest was on the fiestas of La Vila, on the meaning that these fiestas had for them, resulting in the exhibition "La impressió de la festa". The participation of Les Talaies in the festival has always been through the batucada. With this work we have tried to print the experiences lived and felt in the different moments that we have come to know of the festivities of La Vila. The works are accompanied by poetic texts by Albert Alcaraz, official chronicler of Villajoyosa.
The exhibition is on the same floor as "Música, pólvora i desembarc", the exhibition that delves into the history and characteristics of the Moors and Christians festivities in Villajoyosa, so visitors to Vilamuseu will find a more historical aspect in this exhibition and a more artistic one in "La impressió de la festa", which will remain in the museum until 28th January 2024 and in which the artist Ginés Lloret from Villajoyosa has collaborated in the design.
The date on which the exhibition takes place is no coincidence, as the 3rd of December was celebrated as Disability Day. The inauguration of an exhibition of works made by people with disabilities is in line with the demands of this date, for the rights of this group to equality, inclusion and welfare.
One of the users of Les Talaies comments:
"In the engravings we print the festivities as we feel them, as we see them, as we know them, leaving, at the same time in them, a record of the "impression" they make on us".