Way of St. James from Villajoyosa

Stretch 1: Villajoyosa-Relleu

  • Duration: 05 hours - 00 minute
  • Distance: 18 km
  • Difficulty: medium

1st stage: Villajoyosa-Relleu.

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Link to the route in Wikiloc (elaborated by the Group of Pilgrims of Villajoyosa and Benidorm): click here
Description of the route (written with the collaboration of the group of Peregrinos de Villajoyosa and Benidorm):
Once in the old town of Villajoyosa, we start from the Casa de la Juventud, on Calle Fray Posidonio Mayor, next to the Town Hall. The current Casa de la Juventud is the former Hospital de Pobres ('Hospital for the Poor'), which gave service to those who started the Way of St. James from Villajoyosa. A plaque commemorates this fact on the façade of the building, and serves as the start of the itinerary.
Before starting the road you can take a tour of the old town of Villajoyosa or one of the routes that join the extraordinary historical heritage of Villajoyosa, equipped with seventy panels, accessible to all people, with different contents that can be consulted using a QR code (you don't need to download any application, just have a QR reader on your phone). You have there some information about the routes that are being uploaded to Vilamuseu's website (click here). In the Plaza de la Generalitat you have the start panels of the routes of the Old Town (click here to access more information, such as maps in Google Maps, audio description in six languages, video in Spanish sign language, etc.) and City Route (click here).
From the Plaza de la Generalitat walk towards the Calle Mayor, and pass under the arch of the Town Hall and through the northern entrance to the old town. On this slope there was the ancient Portal, or main door of Villajoyosa's walls. Cross the old national road N-332a in the Plaza de la Generalitat, where the forum of the Roman city of Allon must have been, and after passing a monolith marking the Way of St. James, continue along Álvaro Esquerdo St. to leave the urban area.

At the end of the houses find the chocolate factory "Valor", in front of whose main entrance down the street Pianista Gonzalo Soriano there is a roundabout in which it was found a road dating from the s. VII a. C., in Phoenician times, next to tombs dated until late Roman ages. This road led to the interior valleys passing through Relleu, and therefore is the precedent of Camí del Peix-Way of St. James from Villajoyosa.
In Chocolates Valor you can visit the Valencian Chocolate Museum and the factory (more info here).
Follow a track that is attached to the back wall of the factory Valor and go along some nearby houses. Following this track, between farms and orchards, ass under the national road N-332 and continue straight on a paved road that runs near the CV-770. 
You'll find, at the opposite side of the CV-770, the traditional neighborhood of La Ermita, where you can make an interesting tour with some accessible panels (more information here). We must warn that there is no pedestrian crossing to cross the road CV-770, which links the N332 with the entrance to the highway, because it is a fast road for vehicles, and to access La Ermita you must go by vehicle or coming on foot through the opposite side of the road from Villajoyosa, taking as a reference the bike path that departs from the Plaza de Juan Carlos I and continues along the Pianista Gonzalo Soriano St.
Continuing the track, move away momentarily from the CV-770 crossing the irrigations of the Era de Soler next to the Olivera Grossa (a millenary olive tree, to the right of the paved road) and approach the road again when it is next to the Autopista del Mediterráneo, AP-7, taking advantage of the layout of the CV-770. This road has a bike lane on its east side.
Continue next to the road with bike lane and take, later, another smaller road that goes perpendicular to this, on the left. Pass by a sports complex, where the Rugby Stadium of Villajoyosa is located and, on this road, head towards the Amadorio Reservoir.
Cross over the track on the other side of the reservoir and continue advancing on the shore of the reservoir, leaving the road to descend towards a bridge that will allow you to cross the La Mola ravine and continue advancing near the reservoir, between the mountains of Relleu and Orxeta.

Cross again the CV-770 keeping the Vila (or Sella) river on your right. The road goes beside orange and lemon trees. Follow it as straight as possible, to arrive at a narrow path on the left (next to a private road closed with a chain) that will lead you to an area of ​​row houses that make an entrance to the main street of Orxeta and will lead you to Plaza de la Iglesia de San Jaime. You'll not find a better place to regain strength and hydrate.
After wandering very briefly in the shape of a Z, the Public Library will guide you to the exit from the town where you'll take a dirt road to the water tanks. Continue straight on down to the CV-758 where you'll join the road from Benidorm to face, once passed on your left an old Roman extraction of plaster, the climb to the junction with the CV-770.
A few meters to the left and in front of the Venta de La Costa (the Ventorrillo), they face the slope towards Relleu together in the same branch. As we gain altitude, the views are spectacular and it is good to take a break and enjoy them. At the end of this climb there are well preserved remains of the old road.
The path narrows and goes into the forest. The Way is very well marked.
After little more than 15 kms of stage, the track joins the highway again, now the CV-775 that goes towards Relleu and Torremanzanas. Walk about 300 m. to leave it by a path to the left, to enter a track between terraces of olive and almond trees.
After more than 3 kms. between terraces, turn 90º to the right, before an electrical tower, and go up to an paved track that coincides with a SL path (official 'local path') That will take you to the town of Relleu in little more than 1 km. Cross the road to enter the town by Evaristo Manero street and find the restaurant Balcón de Relleu, a good place to recover from the effort , like others in the town. After the deserved refreshment, continue advancing until you reach the church of San Jaume, the end of our stage today.
Very recently (July 2018), the City Council of Relleu has a new accomodation for pilgrims in the basement of the medical office. We can collect the keys at the headquarters of the Local Police, where we can also register in the registration book and seal our credential.
Telephone numbers of interest:
Vilamuseu (Town Hall of Villajoyosa): 966508355
Villajoyosa Local Police: 965890150
Orxeta Town Hall: 966855080
City Council of Relleu: 966 85 60 41
Relleu Local Police: 636288756