The inaugural prize giving of the Premio de Pintura de San Antonio, ‘Memorial Jaime Morales’ took place last Friday 2nd February in Vilamuseu as a tribute to local painter Jaime Morales. The competition has been organised by the Manager of Fiestas of Ermita de San Antonio and Amics dels Bous, in collaboration with the Fiestas Councillor.

The winning work is entitled ‘Sant Antoni’ and it represents emblematic iconic places in the district such as the church tower, the garden and the saint’s image. The artist is Ángela Gordero. The image will form this year’s fiestas book cover.

The second prize was won by Salvador González with a work entitled ‘La Ermita’ which portrayed the countryside typical of the district with the church tower prominent amongst the houses. In addition, a special prize was awarded for a talented youngster. The winner was Eva Payá with a work entitled ‘Nazareno’ which depicted Christ of Nazareth passing through the church.

After the awards a tribute was paid to the Vileran painter, Jaime Morales, to whose memory this artistic competition is dedicated. He was represented by his widow and children. José Antonio Sirvent, President of Amics dels Bous, gave a speech which reviewed the work of Jaime Morales. The artist’s family requested that one of his paintings be auctioned in aid of the Fiesta Funds.

The judging panel for the competition consisted of Evaristo Alguacil, President, Antonio Espinosa, Director of Vilamuseu and Jaime Morales, the son of the painter. The 28 works entered into the competition will be on display at Vilamuseu until Sunday 4th March 2018.