This year, the International Museum Day has as theme “Museums as Cultural Hubs: The future of tradition”. That is why we have wanted to pay homage to the book “Al trencall del maror”, published in 1985 and reedited in 2013. This work contains stories, sayings and songs of Villajoyosa’s oral tradition, which were passed generation after generation and won’t be lost thanks to the efforts of the authors who collected, ordered and published this material. They will be the ones who, jointly with José Piqueras, will analyse the past, present and future of this book.

On the other hand, the illustrations of the book were created by the artist Felip Baldó, of whose works Vilamuseu will host an exhibition in June. Therefore, in this Museum Day activities we will get a first look at his illustrations and, through the outlines of young authors, turn the future of the tradition around.


May, 16 at 7 pm

Colloquium about the book "Al trencall del maror".
Malena Soler, Ángela Sellés, Toni Lloret, Pepi Lloret
Moderator: José Piqueras

May, 18 from 11 am to 2.30 pm

Live art session inspired by the illustrations of Felipe Baldó in “Al trencall del maror”. Intervention in the glass façade of Vilamuseu with: 

Félix Gordero
Joan Aragonés
Dj set: Sonidolé
Colloquium on the book "Al trencall del maror".
Colloquium on the book "Al trencall del maror".