This season we exhibit what is probably the most terrifying piece of the Vilamuseu collection. It appeared buried in a grave in which there were no bones of the deceased, so it is an offering to a deceased from a nearby tomb or a cenotaph (a tomb made for a deceased from whom there are no bones).
The pit contained a wooden box that was burnt with four powerful amulets carved in talcum stone inside. Each of them represents several Egyptian gods and it is assumed that they protected the deceased during his life and that they should have continued to do so in the Afterlife. However, somebody made every effort to prevent it: the amulets had been already burnt for the first time at the funeral pyre along with the deceased and then they were intentionally scratched and burnt again inside the box. With these actions it seems that they wanted to annul their power in the Afterlife.
Come to Vilamuseu to better understand this controversial piece.