Museum Day 2023

This year's International Museum Day emphasises several Sustainable Development Goals, including health and well-being and climate action.
In "El colour y el silencio", José Piqueras refers to nature, landscape or the city, themes that have an impact on the ideas of well-being and sustainable development. For all these reasons, and based on José Piqueras' current exhibition, we would like to invite local artists to develop a work related to the theme of well-being and climate action live at Vilamuseu.
We propose that you use your artistic creativity to investigate the relationship between nature and wellbeing. Create, reflect and interpret within Vilamuseu. Taking as a starting point some "interior landscapes" from the retrospective exhibition "José Piqueras. Colour and silence".
The event will take place on Saturday 20 May from 10 a.m. and the resulting works will be exhibited later at Vilamuseu. Come and create your work live at Vilamuseu! 
You can register at the link: