The position of the Iberian Sanctuary of Malladeta is closely linked to the equinoxes. The Iberians searched for somewhere in the landscape where they could monitor the sun’s movement and mark the start of the astronomic year. In this case it is Benidorm Island, at whose lower end the sun only appears at the equinoxes.
The Iberians did not know the exact date of the astronomic equinox so the mid-point of both equinoxes marked the start of the year and the agricultural calendar. Thanks to the collaboration of the Institute of Astrophysics of the Canaries we know that this year the mid-point of the spring equinox occurs on 22 March.
06.25                  Gather together
06.30-06.55         Hatha Yoga
06.55-07.00         Medtation with Mantra Sounds 
07.00-07.10         Watch the sunrise
07.10-07.15         Greet the sun
07.15-07.30         Meagre breakfast and brief explanation about the Iberian Sanctuary
Totally free
There is no need to bring a mat 


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    El santuario íberorromano de la Malladeta